6 Best Pets to Consider for Your Child

February 16, 2022 in Uncategorized
Owning a pet can be a rewarding experience that teaches children responsibility and empathy. If your little one has been asking for a critter, you're probably wondering, " What is the best pet for a kid? " Dogs and cats are great but can require more care than some families have time to provide. If dog or cat ownership isn't right for your family, don't worry. Your kids can still experience the joys of pet ownership. In this blog post, we'll take a look at the six best small pets for kids .

6 Best Pets to Consider for Your Child

1. Fish

Fish are one of the lowest maintenance pets around, making them an excellent option for kids. Furthermore, since these scaly little guys aren't covered in fur, they are one of the best pets for kids and allergies . Tranquil and colorful, fish can be soothing to watch and are easy to care for. Simply teach your child to sprinkle food into the fish tank each day and explain that too much food can hurt their new friend.

2. Rats

Think your kid would be freaked out owning a rat? Think again! A recent RightPet survey found that the most satisfying pet to own for 15-year-olds are rats, outranking both cats and dogs. Often more laid back than other rodents, rats can be a great pet for kids who want a furry friend to cuddle. Like cats, rats groom themselves, which means you can skip bath time with these little guys. Additionally, rats are nocturnal, and although they're happy to wake up and play, they won't pester you for attention throughout the day.

3. Guinea Pigs

From hopping when they're excited to purring when they're petted, guinea pigs come with an adorable set of habits that will delight young children. One perk of guinea pig ownership is their long lifespan. Healthy guinea pigs live 5-7 years, while most pet rodents only live for a year or two. This keeps kids from having to say goodbye to their small furry friend too soon. Guinea pigs also tend to be less skittish than rabbits or gerbils, so they're great to school-aged children who want to carry their furry friend around.

4. Bearded Dragon

If your kids aren't squeamish about feeding their pet bugs, a bearded dragon could be the right critter for your family. Just like with fish, bearded dragons don't have fur, making them another great pet for children with allergies. They're also tidy little critters and often designate one area of their enclosure as their "bathroom," making their cages quick to clean. Similar to guinea pigs, bearded dragons have a much longer life expectancy compared to other small pets, living 8-10 years. Before getting a bearded dragon, however, it's good to keep in mind that they require a very specific environment to thrive. To keep your new reptile healthy, you'll need a UVB tube that produces vitamin D3 and a hot place to bask itself (92-110 degrees Fahrenheit).

5. Hermit Crabs

Looking for a low-maintenance pet that's a step up in responsibility from a fish? Consider adding a hermit crab to your home. Like fish, hermit crabs take up very little space and don't require a ton of attention. They also have little sandy habitats that are fun for kids to decorate. While hermit crabs aren't very social, they have the ability to interact more with humans than our scaly swimming friends. When getting a hermit crab, it's a good idea to purchase more than one. These little guys are happiest when they have a few crabby buddies.

6. Madagascar Hissing Cockroach

Although these bugs aren't cute or cuddly, they are fascinating for children to watch. Their name may sound a little scary, but hissing cockroaches are very gentle and only hiss when they're scared or fighting over a female roach. Unlike the common house cockroach, hissing cockroaches can't infest homes, so you don't need to worry about hiring an exterminator if one escapes its enclosure. Pet care is a big responsibility, and kids should be eased into it. If you want to slowly introduce your child to the world of pet ownership, consider adopting one of the six best pets for kids mentioned above. And to learn about how to care for each of these options, get in touch today!