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Adult Dog Plan

Adult Dog Plan

(>6 Months Old)

At Forever Vets, our pet Wellness Plans for adult dogs include a wide range of preventative care services like multiple FREE office visits and exams. Our discounts can save you up to 50% on many medical services and are designed for proactive and preventive care. For the conscientious pet owner, a pet Wellness Plan saves money on treatments that would have been purchased anyway.

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Unlimited Office Visits

2 Comprehensive Exams

1 Rabies Vaccination

1 Distemper Annual Vaccination

2 Bordetella Vaccinations

1 Leptospirosis Annual Vaccination

2 Intestinal Parasite Exams (Fecal Exam)

2 Hookworm & Roundworm Dewormings

1 Heartworm Test

1 Complete Urinalysis

1 Dental Scale & Polish Routine

1 Electrocardiogram Screening

1 Blood Pressure Screening

1 Preventative Chest X-Ray Screening

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