The Best Low-Maintenance Pets for Your Family

February 02, 2022 in Uncategorized

Pets can be the best part of life. However, you can't always devote tons of time or money to properly caring for them. That doesn't mean you can't adopt a new friend to improve your mood or provide companionship, though.

Many people prefer to live with low-maintenance pets. Typically, these types of pets require little upkeep and cost in return for being a part of your life. Below are several of the best low-maintenance pets you can find.

The Best Low-Maintenance Pets for Your Family

Hermit Crabs: Low-Maintenance Pets for Apartments and Dorms

If you live in a place that forbids most types of pets, your choices for a buddy are somewhat limited. Nevertheless, don't despair. Instead, find a reputable pet store that sells land hermit crabs and pick up at least two or three. They like to hang out together, much like people!

Just make sure you buy all the equipment you need, including a heated tank that's designed to keep them comfortable. Believe it or not, hermit crabs can live for decades. This means tons of opportunities for them to entertain you with their constant movement from shell to shell.

Fish: Low Maintenance Pets, But With a Catch

You may assume that fish are the easiest low-maintenance pets on the planet. Not entirely. All fish are not simple or inexpensive to maintain. For instance, saltwater fish and their fish tanks take plenty of attention. Even freshwater fish can be complicated to keep happy, although goldfish tend to be pretty forgiving.

Is your heart set on a pet who's a natural-born swimmer? Check out betta fish. They're bred to require minimal space. In fact, some colleges and universities specifically list betta fish as acceptable campus pets. As with all fish, be sure you keep your betta's enclosure clean and inviting, provide nutritious food, and offer stimulation in the form of underwater plants and decorations.

Snakes: Attractive Pets That Sometimes Hiss But Generally Don't Talk Back

As long as you have enough room for at least a 20-gallon heated reptile tank, you can try your hand at raising a small snake, like the colorful corn snake. In general, snakes are surprisingly laid back. Some enjoy being handled more than others, so do your research before buying one. And never go into the woods to just find a snake in the wild.

How long can you expect your slithering pal to remain by your side? Snakes have been known to live for two decades. Consequently, your snake could end up following you from high school to nearly middle age!

Hamsters: Cuddly Low-Maintenance Pet

Are you longing for a furry friend to join your tiny home? Even if you can't become a dog or cat pet parent, you may be able to give your love to a hamster. It's hardly a secret that these creatures are beyond cute. Most are comfortable being held gently, too.

One caveat: Hamsters are notoriously curious. Ensure that you have a cage that shuts tight. Otherwise, you may wake up in the morning to find your hamster's cage empty. Hamsters are incredible escape artists, but who can resist their friendly, whiskered faces? Just ensure you have the necessary safeguards in place.

Birds: Timeless Pets for Individuals and Families

For centuries, people who want pets have looked to the bird kingdom. Today, you can find many birds to bring home. From parakeets and finches to doves and parrots, pet stores that focus on selling healthy birds usually offer a serious variety to tempt your eyes and ears.

Before settling on any bird, find out the bird's typical preferences. This includes the right type of cage, safe toys, best foods, and usual habits. For example, some birds like to have routine interactions with humans and are fine being the only bird in your house. Other birds do best when they have birdie friends. Your job is to make sure you give your bird exactly the right atmosphere to thrive.

Final Thoughts on Good Low-Maintenance Pets

It's worth mentioning that even if you're considering adopting a puppy or kitten, you may want to start with one or more low-maintenance pets. Having them in your home or apartment first helps you get into the groove of taking care of a living creature. If you have children, you can use the experience as a way to figure out if they're old enough for the responsibility of tending to a more high-maintenance pet like a dog or cat someday down the road.

To learn more about choosing a pet — and caring for it when you do — get in touch with us today.