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Vanessa Rivera

Dr. Starr and family holding dogs on a beach

Meet Vanessa Rivera

I was born in Detroit, MI. Moved back and forth from Michigan to Florida my whole life. In 2012, I decided to make my move FL permanent to give my family and myself a better life. I went to school for human medicine and stumbled into the veterinary field in 2014, fell completely in love with it; I cannot imagine my life without veterinary medicine. I started off as a veterinary technician, at the Baymeadows location; moved to Tinseltown, made lead position and now managing an amazing location.



Fun Fact

1. I have an associates in interior design 2. I'm a CNA. 3. I can deal with any bodily fluid, pets or humans, except drool; makes me cringe


Papa - Shih-tzu

Karmie - America Bully

Meats - Pitbull

Remi - Great Dane

They are all rescue animals.

Meet Vanessa Rivera