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Emma Gonzalez

Meet Emma Gonzalez

An Ohio native, Emma developed an early connection with animals through family pets, owning & operating her own childhood pet sitting business, and attending high school at the Columbus Zoo and Aquarium, Emma graduated from the University of Maine with a Bachelor's degree in Marine Science, concentration in Marine Biology, in 2019. She began her journey in the veterinary field assisting in the rescue, rehabilitation and release of sea turtles with sea turtle rehabilitation and sea turtle nesting facilities in Florida and Costa Rica.

Since joining the Forever Vets family in July 2020, she has loved developing connections with and providing support to both you and your fur babies! In her free time, you'll find her exploring new hiking trails, teaching her dog new skills, or even diving with sharks!


University of Maine

Fun Fact

"I once had a pet hedgehog named Wolfgang who loved to snuggle in socks!"


Goose - Super Mutt (3)
Lennox - Tabby (3)
Jaxson - Tabby (7)

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