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Dr. Ana Maymone

Meet Dr. Ana Maymone

Dr. Maymone is a Brazilian native who holds two veterinary medicine doctorates. In 2008, she graduated in Brazil and in 2021, she received her second degree in Canada. She worked at a busy wildlife rescue back in Brazil before deciding to move to Canada to pursue a master's degree in Physiology. Upon finishing it, she returned to veterinary school in order to become a licensed veterinarian in North America. Dr. Maymone's joined the Forever Vets team in February 2024. Her main areas of experience include small and exotic animals medicine and surgery. She additionally has strong interest in imaging. Dr. Maymone enjoys surfing, cycling, camping and spending precious moments with her wife and furry babies as much as possible. She is also passionate about protecting wildlife. She is eager to offer her patients with the best medical care possible.


Small and exotic animals


Doctor of Veterinary Medicine


Université de Montréal (Canada) (undergrad)
Universidade Federal Rural de Pernambuco (Brazil) (graduate)

Fun Fact

I've already cage diving with Great White Sharks in South Africa


2 dogs.
Irene, Australian Shepherd mix 15 years old;
Frederica, Springer Spaniel mix, 9 years old
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