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Sarah White

Meet Sarah White

My name is Sarah, I am a child of the 80s and am obsessed with old school music! I started out in human medicine but decided that I wanted to work with animals instead and have been in the vet field for about 9 years now. When I was in school I was introduced to Dr. G and was offered an externship with him at the Baymeadows location, which I absolutely loved!! (Come Full Circle) I have now worked in many different areas in the veterinary field with various different species. I feel blessed to work with such an amazing group of people here at Forever Vets.

School: FSCJ and Sanford Brown

Fun Fact: I have a Beetle Juice Themed Jeep! (completely obsessed with Beetlejuice!!!!!)

Pets: I have a Great Dane, Isabo(4) ; two pitbulls, Freya(6) and Lily(5); a lab/pit mix, Doobie(7); a chiuahuah, Tink(11); two Domestic medium hair males one is orange and white Chungus(4 months)and grey and white, Biscuit(5) and a Sphynx Cat named Lydia Deetz(10 months). I also have a pink Toe Tarantula Named (SHA)Neil P Armstrong(Juvenile)

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