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Nicole Humphrey

Meet Nicole Humphrey

I am from a small town in Michigan, I attended both Northern and Central Michigan University where I obtained a Bachelors in Biology in 2015. I used to dress up as a vet for Halloween and have been working in a Vet office since high school. I have a habit of bringing animals home and we joke that we have a small petting zoo. In my spare time you will find my boyfriend and I working out, lounging on the beach and adventuring to new places. There is no other job I would want to do and have loved the journey so far and am excited to continue to grow.


Central Michigan University

Fun Fact

I grew up on a lake and spent most of the summers catching frogs, turtles and much more!


Bullet And Toothless - Domestic Shorthair

Titus, Robyn and Kingston - Pitbull mix

Alfred - Lab mix

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