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Micheal Suggs

Meet Micheal Suggs 

Having to say I enjoy animals would be an understatement! Prior to the building of the pet spa and our neighbor next door (some 13+ years ago), I managed 4 animal hospitals here in Jacksonville - This included most all aspects of customer care, systems installations, customer service, and building/ground maintenance. Over the years I have made many great relationships with our clients. I would also say I have had the privilege to work with the most exciting and dedicated team members! The conversion from one pet boarding facility to Forever Vets Pet Resort has been challenging however quite rewarding! I am looking forward to the future, extending my experience with our four-legged friends and their families!


N.B Forrest High School / Dekalb Community College.

Fun Fact

I enjoy Offshore Fishing, motorcycle rides, and mechanical work.


Papa - Shih-tzu

Yeti - Great Pyrenees

Wack- Chihuahua

Bezelbub - Dalmatian Mix

Rhett Paint - Quarter Horse

Go Paint - Quarter Horse

Nila - Mini Zebu Cow

Cheto - Orange Tabby Cat

Mine - Pet Chicken

16 Pet Silkie Chickens

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