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Lara Heil 

Meet Lara Heil

Lara is originally from Maryland but moved down to Florida about a year ago. Her background includes [veterinary] orthopedic and general practice surgical technician, and has also worked in rehab/physical therapy clinics. Lara has acquired a degree in Art, as well as having certification in Sign Language Interpretation. Outside of work, she enjoys horseback riding, painting, and watching Hallmark movies.


Villa Julie University, CCBC, & USF

Fun Fact

I'm a Sign Language Interpreter!


Lara has 3 horses Ace, an Appendix Quarter horse who is 29yrs old, Blast, a Welsh cross pony who is 9yrs old, and Fargo, a Thoroughbred who is 20yrs old. Also has 2 dogs, Molly a Labradoodle who is 11yrs old and Emma, foster fail mixed breed who is 6yrs old. And last but not least has 3 cats, Chello a DSH who is 23yrs old, Reece a DSH who is 20yrs old, and Hope a DSH who is 9yrs old

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