Thank you for choosing forever vets wellness plan for your pets veterinary needs.  We continuous to strive to provide the best quality care to keep your pet happy and healthy.  Your pet  has been receiving the veterinarian recommended year-round preventative care, all at affordable monthly payments! These plans are different than insurance; there are no deductibles, no reimbursements, just straight-forward discounts and services given as you make interest-free monthly payments. You have been enjoying the additional discounts on select in-house products and services.

Our commitment is to continue to support you and your pet in preventing life-threatening and debilitating diseases and  to provide long-term happy and healthy lives for your pets.

Please do not hesitate to contact our wellness plan coordinator and/or your veterinarian to understand how your plan has been benefiting you and your pet. We will be gladly set up some time to review your account and medical history with you.  We are committed to give you exceptional care for you and your pet forever.

Here’s one last look at the benefits your pet receives:

  • Regular prices discounted, spread over 12 months with no interest
  • Unlimited office visits
  • 2 comprehensive exams
  • All recommended annual vaccines (including booster vaccines for puppies/kittens)
  • Fecal and internal parasite exams and dewormings
  • Routine screening for major illnesses
  • Plan specific procedures (e.g. dental scale & polishing, spay/neuter, declaw)
  • Discounts on most products & services

Cancellation Process:

  • Requests must be submitted 30 days prior to plan renewal
  • After submission, the Wellness Plan Coordinator will review your account
  • If you’re cancelling upon renewal, there will be no charge (provided you submit the request 30 days prior)
  • If the services rendered meet or exceed the maximum cost of the plan, you can either continue your monthly payments until the 12-month cycle completes (while maintaining the benefits e.g. unlimited office visits and discounts), or you can pay the remaining balance outright
  • If the services rendered are less than the maximum cost of the plan, you will have to pay this amount, minus any monthly payments made
  • Any payments received are non-refundable

If you have any questions, feel free to call the Wellness Plan Coordinator at (904) 367-2777.