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Diseases That Are Common in Cats

November 18, 2019 |

Diseases That Are Common in Cats If you’ve ever served as the caretaker of a cat, you know there’s a litany of conditions that can affect the health of your feline friends. Cats, even those that are usually confined to the home, can be stricken with many conditions that can leave them miserable. Some of…

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Reasons Heartworm Prevention Is Necessary

November 14, 2019 |

Reasons Heartworm Prevention Is Necessary If you’re a pet owner and live in St. Augustine, you’ve heard of heartworm. That’s because heartworm disease is prevalent all along the Atlantic and Gulf coasts. It’s because of the mosquito population. Here at Forever Vets Animal Hospital, we’re passionate about your pet’s well-being. That’s why we take heartworm…

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Kennel Cough Symptoms and Treatments

November 9, 2019 |

Kennel Cough Symptoms and Treatments Your vet knows its official name is canine infectious respiratory disease or infectious tracheobronchitis. All you know is your best friend has a frightening cough and you feel horrible about it. We understand! None of us enjoy watching our beloved pets suffer. We have good news about your dog’s cough.…

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Signs That Your Pet Has Allergies

November 4, 2019 |

Signs That Your Pet Has Allergies Allergies are the bane of anyone who suffers from them, and your pets are no different. Pets are just as susceptible to allergic reactions as their human caretakers. The difference is that people can describe what they feel and illustrate their symptoms to doctors. Your pet doesn’t have those…

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Things You Should Know about Pet Tumors

October 31, 2019 |

Learning that a loved one has a tumor can truly shake you to your core. When that loved one is your pet, you’re often left with making difficult decisions on your pet’s behalf, in addition to processing and coping with the shocking news. If you’ve found yourself in this situation, having as much information as…

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