Why Your Pet Might Need Specialty Food

September 28, 2022 in Cat

Have you ever wondered why your pet moans and groans from time to time? Perhaps your furry feline friend scratches themselves a little too much?

The food we give our pets has more of an impact than we think. It may be time to consider an alternative to the food they've been eating. But you're probably not sure how to choose from all the options. You could Google "specialty pet food" but here are a few signs it might be time to change your pet's diet.

1. Tooting all the Time - If you notice your pet groan a little too much, or they happen to toot too often, it may be time to switch up the diet. If your pet is experiencing these symptoms, the answer lies within the ingredients, more specifically, carb-filled grains. These grains can range from rice, barley, corn, or even wheat. All these ingredients, and more carb-filled ingredients, are all included in your pet's prepacked, store-bought kibble.

At Forever Vets, we want to help your pet succeed and reach a healthy lifestyle. To do this, we are pleased to offer our variety of supplements and pet prescription food, perfectly fitted and customized for your pooch. While you're visiting with us, ask your current veterinarian what they recommend for your pet based on their findings and observations. From there, we can help you determine the perfect diet for your pet and ensure your pet gets the specialty food or supplements that they need.

2. Rashes Upon Rashes - If you notice your pet starting to scratch themselves more often, it is a possibility that your pet may have a food allergy. Food allergies can commonly occur in pets such as cats or dogs, and you may need to reach out to your veterinarian if signs of a rash ensue.

If you are wondering what to look for, common symptoms include - but are not limited to - gas, ear inflammation, diarrhea, or even extreme itching. The diet you'd be looking to ask your veterinarian about would be called an "elimination diet." An elimination diet is a diet used for attempting to find and "eliminate" dangerous foods that could be causing issues.

There is a solution for this, and the solution is finding the right food —for skin allergies specifically. We offer the best of the best for your pet with a custom prescription from Royal Canin, which is included in our customized wellness plans. We have a plan fit for taking care of skin allergies in cats or dogs.

3. Entering the Older Years - As your beloved pet gets older, the amount of energy they will have will lessen. A dog is considered a senior once they reach the age of seven. Senior dogs on the younger end must put up with struggles surrounding weight gain, while older senior dogs deal with weight loss. If you feed your older buddy too many calories, this can lead to obesity as their weight increases.

Older pets often struggle with joint problems, too. The best food for dogs with joint problems comes in many forms, but if you want to increase mobility in your dog's joints, supplements like fish oil, glucosamine, and even turmeric can help. When you consider changing your pet's diet, it may be time to explore special senior diet formulas that are made to adapt carefully to the constant, changing needs of your pet. It is important to consult with your local veterinarian first before making changes to your pet's food and diet.

Our veterinarians are here to make your pets feel cared for, loved, and appreciated. At Forever Vets, we strive to create and maintain a comfortable, all-inclusive environment for your furry friend. If you want to make a difference and set your pet up for success, schedule an appointment with us today!