Understanding Your Pet’s Behavior

February 14, 2020 in Uncategorized

Dogs and cats both reign as the preferred pets in many households. They may share the title, but that doesn't mean they share behaviors. It's not uncommon for humans to feel a bit confused by their beloved pet's behavior. Experts at the premier animal hospital in Jacksonville Beach share their tips on understanding why pets do the things they do. Read on to learn more about some pet behaviors.

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Your Dog Is a Great Conversationalist

You hear barking, but like a human conversation, dog-speak is all about tone and pitch. Instead of commanding your dog to hush, learn to interpret the bark. If your dog uses a series of high-pitched barks, they're excited and happy. A low-pitched bark accompanied by an aggressive tone is a dog's way of warning that they detect a threat in their territory. Dogs also whine, whimper, and grunt to let you know they're frustrated, anxious, or they want attention. A dog in distress howls. If your dog growls, it's a sign to keep your distance.

Understanding Cat Chatter

Who doesn't love to hear their cat purr? Most cat owners associate purring with their cat's contentment. In reality, it's more likely your cat is self-soothing. Cat's also use a variety of meows to talk to their humans. They use a single meow as a casual greeting. If you've been gone all day, your cat may greet you with trilling and lots of short single meows. It means they're happy to see you. A low meow is a warning that says your cat feels threatened. They also growl, hiss, and spit when they feel threatened or upset. Give them space, especially if their aggression seems directed toward you.

Why Does Your Dog Wander Off?

You'd think after all that obedience training your dog would know better than to wander away from home. Not so fast! A dog's instinct is to explore, and it often overrules everything else, including your careful training. Dogs sometimes run off if they experience trauma or if they hear thunder, fireworks, or other loud noises. Ask your veterinary services provider about microchipping. That and using a collar with a tag at all times is the best thing you can do to make sure your dog finds its way home.

Vacuuming Spilled Plant Pot by Cat veterinary services Jacksonville fl

Your Cat Eats Plants

You see a houseplant. Your cat sees a snack, a playground, and an eco-friendly litter box.

Fighting with a cat over a plant is a losing battle. Instead, place stones over the dirt and rubbed a little moistened black pepper on the leaves. Also, before you introduce a plant to your cat's environment, make sure it's not poisonous. Your provider of veterinary services in Jacksonville, FL, can tell you which plants aren't safe for cats. Schedule a visit with the team at Forever Vets Animal Hospital today. They're always happy to meet new pets and answer questions about pet behavior.

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