Traveling with Pets: Tips and Tricks

February 16, 2022 in Puppies
Whether you're taking a vacation or moving across the country, travel is inevitable. For pet owners, travel can be tricky. Sometimes, it leaves people asking themselves, "How can I best travel with my pet?" Our pet care experts are here to help you navigate trips with your furry friend. Below are our top four tips to travel with your pet safely and affordably.

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1. Make sure you have the right documentation.

Before taking a trip, check and see the animal health requirements for your destination. When traveling in the United States, many states require pets to have an up-to-date Certificate of Veterinary Inspection from a veterinarian. This certification states that your pet is healthy and doesn't show signs of diseases that could be passed to other animals or humans. If you want to bring your pet overseas, your pet will need its own passport. Like with the Certificate of Veterinary Inspection, "pet passports" show that your pet is healthy and up-to-date on all its vaccinations. Before obtaining a pet passport, research the specific requirements of the country you are visiting, so you can get all of the documentation needed for your pet to enter.

2. Update microchips and name tags.

According to the American Humane Society, 10 million pets are lost in the U.S each year. Those pets who end up in shelters without identification have less than a 20% chance of reuniting with their owners. While this hopefully doesn't happen, if you and your pet were to get separated during travel, you'd need to ensure they are easy to identify. This increases the likelihood that they'll end up back in your arms quickly and safely. ID tags are the best way to locate and identify a lost pet. Your pet's identification tags should include their name, contact number, and home address. This ensures that whoever finds your pet knows how to reach you. Along with ID tags, you'll also want to make sure your pet is microchipped before traveling. Microchips are a permanent identifier that helps animal care organizations, like vet clinics and shelters, reunite lost pets with their owners.

3. Travel by car for cheap travel with pets.

From the cost of plane tickets to pricey car rentals, it's almost always cheaper to travel by car than by plane. When traveling with pets, this is especially true. Most airlines charge over $100 to fly your dog in a cabin one way. This price can jump to well over $1,000 if you choose to have your pet fly in the cargo hold. If you need a more cost-effective option, you might consider road-tripping with pets over flying. Traveling by car makes it easier to pack all your pet's essentials without needing to pay checked bag fees or pet travel fees. Additionally, anxious animals will enjoy the familiarity of their own vehicle over the novelty of a plane. Folks who have traveled with dogs also know that exercise and potty breaks are the keys to happy traveling. Road tripping also makes it easier to stop and let them move their legs when they start feeling antsy.

4. Research the best airline to travel with pets.

Depending on where you're traveling, you may have no other option than to fly. Flying with your pet doesn't have to be stressful, as long as you choose the right airline. Some places like Continental Airlines offer Pet Safe Programs that transport your pet in an air-conditioned vehicle to and from the airplane. Additionally, Continental offers pet kenneling if you're flying through Newark or Houston. If you want to provide your pet with a more personalized experience, consider using the best airline to travel with pets, Pet Airways. This airline only carries pets on their flights and flies in and out of nine major U.S cities. The entire flight experience is designed to keep your pet safe and stress-free. If you're anxiously wondering how to travel with pets, you're not alone. But taking a trip with your furry friend doesn't have to be stressful. And if you want to learn more about traveling with your pet, feel free to reach out today.