Top Pet Emergencies That Need Immediate Care

August 07, 2023 in Uncategorized

As a pet parent, you must ensure your four-legged friend stays healthy and happy. Bringing your pet in for a regular vet check-up can help keep them healthy. But there might be times when your pet needs medical attention between regular vet visits and exams. In some cases, your pet might need treatment and care at an emergency animal emergency clinic in Jacksonville Beach, FL., right away.

Some pet emergencies are more common than others. Here's what to look out for and how to know when to immediately bring your pet in for veterinary emergency care.

Vet bandaging dog emergency vet care clinic in jacksonville beach fl


Your pet might have to bleed for several reasons. They might have been injured in a fight with another animal, such as another dog at a dog park or a wild animal in the woods. They might have fallen or gotten hit by a car. In some cases, bleeding occurs because of an injury inside your pet, such as a tumor. Whatever the cause of the bleeding, if it continues for more than five minutes, you must bring your pet to an emergency veterinarian. An emergency vet will identify the cause of the bleeding and find a way to stop it so your pet can improve.

Trouble Breathing

If you notice that your pet is having trouble taking a breath or that they are breathing rapidly, bring them to an emergency vet right away. Breathing problems can be signs of any issues, including heart failure and heatstroke. In some cases, your pet's breathing problems might result in them gagging or coughing continuously.

High Fever

Cats and dogs can develop fevers too, and those fevers can be just as dangerous for them as they are for humans. Pets have a higher normal body temperature than humans, usually between 100 and 102.5 degrees Fahrenheit. If you can take your pet's temperature over 103, your best option is to bring them to a vet.

Since it can be tricky to use a thermometer to get your pet's temperature, there are some signs you can look out for to determine if they have a fever or not:

  • Lethargic dog or lethargic cat
  • Dog not eating
  • Cat not eating
  • Warm ears
  • Shivering

Vet bandaging dog emergency vet care clinic in jacksonville beach fl

Losing Consciousness

If your pet passes out or seems to have trouble staying awake, you should bring them in to be seen by a vet ASAP. In dogs, a sudden loss of consciousness can indicate insufficient oxygen reaching the brain. It can also be a sign of a serious problem with your pet's heart and should be checked out by a vet right away.

Bathroom Problems

Changes to your pet's bathroom habits can be a medical emergency, whether they develop diarrhea or stop going to the bathroom altogether. Your pet might have diarrhea or vomiting because they ate something they shouldn't have. If they haven't urinated or been eliminated for more than 12 hours, that can be a sign that something obstructs their bowels or bladder.

Your pet needs emergency vet care if they have a fever, bleeding, loss of consciousness, or digestive distress. For their sake, bring them to an emergency vet care clinic in Jacksonville Beach, FL, immediately if you notice any of the above concerns.

If you're not 100% sure whether your pet needs immediate treatment, the Forever Vets Animal Hospital team can help you. Call (904) 367-2787 and let us know what's going on with your companion, and we'll let you know what you can do to help them feel better quickly.

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