The Importance of Annual Checkups for Your Pets

September 03, 2019 in Asthma and Allergy

Pets can communicate their moods and basic needs, like when they need food, want attention, or would like to play. But if they're sick or hurting, you may not notice because they can't express it. An untreated condition can become very serious, possibly jeopardizing your pet's life and your bank account. Fortunately, you can stay on top of many pet health issues with preventative care, including regular wellness visits. Keep reading to find out more about the importance of the yearly exam for you and your animal companion, and how to set up a pet checkup.

Preventative Vet Care

Preventative medicine aims to stop or impede health conditions before they take hold and become more serious. Once you've built a rapport with a reputable vet, they can help you work out a treatment plan that's appropriate to your pet's age, breed, overall health, and lifestyle. As an animal health care professional, your vet will help you do your best to give your companion a long and vital life.

Preventable Conditions

Many common pet health issues can be easily treated or avoided entirely with well-managed care. Several infectious diseases can be avoided with timely vaccinations, and medications can stop the spread of fleas, ticks, and internal parasites. But there are other things that might not be so obvious, and that's where regular exams are especially helpful.

Dental issues, digestive problems, internal issues and bleeding, and infections are all things that a vet's expertise can detect during a routine checkup and treat before they become a financial burden on you or a great deal of pain and suffering for your pet.

During Your Pet's Exam

Your pet will be thoroughly examined for internal, external, physical, and behavioral abnormalities. You should tell the vet about anything unusual you've noticed about the animal, including symptoms and behaviors.

The vet weights your pet; takes its temperature; and inspects the eyes, skin, and pelt. They'll check heart rate and breathing with a stethoscope and feel the pet's abdomen to evaluate their internal organs. The vet will also inspect the ears, mouth, and teeth.

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Your vet will bring you up to date on any preventative measures you need to take or special treatment procedures for your pet. They'll explain any known breed-specific health problems and they may schedule a dental cleaning, blood work, fecal testing, and other tests depending on their findings.

Scheduling a pet checkup in Orlando is easy, and it's more than another way to tell your pet that you love them. It's a proactive measure against illness and pain and suffering so they can keep on being the animal that brings so much joy to your life for as long as possible.

Today's clean, conscientious, cutting-edge veterinary facilities understand that every pet and pet owner is unique.

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