Should You Buy Pet Medications Online?

March 11, 2022 in Pets

Fido's sneezes are keeping you up at night. Fluffy keeps scratching at the base of her neck. So you do what any responsible pet parent would: Make an appointment at your pet medical center. The vet examines your buddy, makes a diagnosis, and recommends treatment. However, you're not sure where to purchase those medications.

Should You Buy Pet Medications Online?

Your reaction isn't uncommon. Once upon a time, you only had one or two options if your pet required medicine for an acute or chronic condition. In those days, your veterinarian would have medications onsite or would order them for delivery to your house, if possible. Then along came the Internet.

Today, you can get pet medications online. But you might not be sure about this option. Can you put your trust in online pet medication suppliers? Sometimes yes and sometimes no. The key to make the best decision is by taking a few steps.

Talk to the Experts at the Pet Medical Center

As soon as your veterinarian makes a medication suggestion, ask about the different ways you can get those medicines. Don't be afraid to talk about cost. For instance, your vet may carry the medications but the cost may include a mark-up. Most vets will be honest and help you determine the best way to save money without putting your furry friend at risk.

Of course, if your pet needs medications immediately, you may be under a time crunch. Still, you might want to ask about purchasing a smaller supply of the medications and just order the rest of the supply somewhere else. Again, talking with your vet first will ease your mind about how to proceed.

Investigate Online Pet Medication Suppliers

Let's say that your veterinarian gives you the green light to wait a couple of days to start treatment for your cat or dog. This means you don't have to get your pet medications filled at a local pharmacy. Instead, you can look for pet medication suppliers on the web. You may feel a little overwhelmed with the process, though. Which suppliers can you really trust?

One great way to find some peace of mind is to go to Safe.Pharmacy. Type the name of the pet medication supplier into the "Buy Safely" box and click enter. Safe.Pharmacy will tell you whether or not an online pharmacy is verified and therefore deemed safe by the National Association of Boards of Pharmacy.

Weigh Cost, Availability, and Delivery Time Between Online Pet Medication Suppliers

Have you found a few safe places to potentially buy pet medications online? At this point, you're ready to compare what they offer. Choose at least three to evaluate. Find the medication you need (make sure you know the correct dosage) and create a list for each supplier that includes the medication price, the time it will take to get the medication, and whether or not the medication is in stock.

If you end up seeing that all your online pet medication suppliers seem to be the same, read consumer reviews. Look for feedback from customers like you who ordered similar medications. See what they thought about the efficacy of the medications and the service they received.

Know Your Alternative Options

You're just about ready to sign up to get your pet medications online. Don't forget that local retailers and grocery stores with pharmacies can fill your pet's prescriptions, too. Plus, some medications can be purchased over the counter without a prescription at reputable pet supply wholesalers.

More than anything, you want your pet to be healthy and happy. Do your due diligence whenever you shop for any drugs or even topic treatments you intend to use. And be wary about following pet medical advice online before visiting a veterinarian. If you're ready to talk more about caring for your pet, get in touch today.