Preparing for Your Pet to be Spayed

October 18, 2019 in Uncategorized

If you have a pet spay or neuter appointment approaching, you should prepare yourself and your pet for the surgery. There are a few ways you can get started, from working on crate training to keeping your pet stress-free. Below are a few steps you can take to ready your pet for their upcoming surgery date, especially if they have a lot of anxiety visiting the vet.

Work on Crate Training

Your pet will be in a crate following their surgery to prevent them from injuring themselves. You can begin working on crate training today by making the environment comfortable for your pet, such as laying down blankets, scattering treats, and keeping their crate clean. Leading up to your pet's surgery date, you should have them spend around an hour a day in their crate, so you can ensure they won't be anxious or uncomfortable while they're recovering while you're at work or out of the house in general. If you're having a challenging time crate training your pet, consider hiring a pet trainer or speaking to your vet about the best methods going forward. Key tip: treats are always a good motivator.

Don't Feed Your Pet Before Surgery

Your vet will likely advise you not to feed your pet food or water the night before surgery. This is crucial to follow. They can have as much food and water as they need after surgery. It's hard to deny your favorite furry friend a meal, but it's important to their safety during the surgery. The food limitation is necessary due to anesthesia requirements, so just remember it's for their best interest.

Create a Comfortable Post-Surgery Area

You should create comfortable post-surgery areas in your home. This way, your pet has a less anxious experience after coming out of surgery, since it'll be when they feel most vulnerable. Consider buying some new cat or dog toys, treats, as well as a new bed for your pet to ensure they feel as comfortable as possible.


Keep Your Pet as Stress-Free as Possible

To prevent your pet's stress from affecting their recovery, you should be careful of anxiety-causing triggers, such as loud noises. Keeping your pet happy and comfortable is incredibly important to a quick and happy recovery. The last thing you want is complications following a routine spay surgery. If you're wondering what other tips you can take advantage of for maintaining a stress-free environment, you should get recommendations from your vet, as well as friends with pets who went through this same process.

There are a few ways you can begin working to prepare your pet to be spayed, from creating a comfortable post-surgery area to working on crate training. Although it might seem scary to put your pet through surgery, it's even more frightening for your cat or dog. If you're ready to book your pets spay or neuter in Jacksonville, FL, or need help preparing them for surgery, contact Forever Vets Animal Hospital today.

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