May 26, 2021 in Success Stories

Meet Munson, the 2 year old Golden Doodle who decided to eat a Carebear slipper when he was just 3 months old. While his mom was working- Munson decided to sneak away and find the said Carebear slipper. By the time she found him- it was already too late. He had eaten the slipper and it was stuck in his throat. His mom rushed him to the Racetrack Location to see if they would be able to remove the slipper from his esophagus. They took him in right away and started to induce vomiting to get the slipper back- but had no such luck. Dr. Pittman and the entire Racetrack crew rushed him into emergency surgery where they physically removed the slipper from his throat. He was a little groggy after surgery but made a complete recovery and is now happy as ever thanks to the quick thinking of the Racetrack Team! He is now a Forever Vets pup for life!

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