Injured Dog

September 20, 2021 in Success Stories

15/10 do I recommend this animal hospital!

My dog was badly injured after being attacked by another dog. It was Memorial Day and emergency vets were opened but charged a fortune. I was grateful to find Forever Vets open and available to see my guy!

Not only were they a quarter of the price, their staff is amazing! All of the technicians are so kind and helpful, but Dr. Emily is hands down the best vet I've ever had experience with (and used to work in the field, so I've met A LOT of vets). She called me personally while he was under to give me updates. Following up the staff called to check in on him. Even my dog loves Dr. Emily! At check ups, he would perk up when he heard her voice, and just go bazerk when she came in the room. That's a sign of a good vet! They made a traumatic experience 100x easier for both myself and my dog, so much so I will be switching him here full time. I recommend them 110%!

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