How to Ease Your Senior Dog’s Arthritis Pain

January 27, 2022 in Uncategorized

When your dog gets older, they may slow down, sleep more, and stop doing certain things like chasing balls or bounding upstairs. While this is a natural stage in your dog's life, if you notice that your pet is avoiding play or seems to be in pain, they might be suffering from arthritis.

They may take longer getting up into the car or down from the couch, or they might start walking with a limp, trying to save a particularly painful joint. This is when you want to start thinking about doing something to help.

How to Ease Your Senior Dog's Arthritis Pain
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Osteoarthritis in dogs presents similarly to human arthritis. Pain from inflammation of joints and a lack of flexibility and mobility are a few defining features. While dog arthritis is a common problem, especially in elderly animals, the problem can get worse if you don't tend to it. Visiting your vet could be the first step in getting pain relief for your dog, but there are many remedies you can use at home, too.

Treating your dog's inflammation with natural remedies at home reduces stress and puts you in control of your pet's pain relief. After all, you know your dog the best and can read their body language and tell what's doing the trick to make them feel better.

What are the Best Dog Arthritis Natural Remedies?

It can be really upsetting when you suspect your older dog is in pain. Thankfully, arthritis relief for dogs is out there, and you don't necessarily have to spend a fortune to access it. If you're wondering what to give dogs for arthritis, here are some natural remedies for dog arthritis that you can try to ease your pet's discomfort and give yourself some peace of mind too.

Help your dog lose weight. Extra weight can be tough for your older dog to carry and can put pressure on dogs' joints. In fact, obesity can be a big trigger for dogs developing arthritis. Maintaining a healthy diet is vital. Raw foods and probiotic-rich foods can be especially helpful, too, as opposed to heavily processed dog food brands.

Find a more supportive dog bed. Treating your dog to a healthier sleeping place could really ease your dog's arthritis pain. You can make your dog's bed more supportive by making it thicker and stronger so that it supports the points like hips and shoulders that get worn and inflamed over time. You can also think about investing in a bed with a supportive mattress-like base, rather than a cushion, to help spread your dog's weight more evenly as they sleep.

Try out herbal supplements. Herbal supplements can boost the healthfulness of your dog's diet and provide benefits that may ease pain caused by inflammation. Try turmeric. It's a spice with antioxidant properties that can relieve dog inflammation. In paste or powder form it can be added to your dog's food and help ease any pain.

Keep your dog interested in exercise. An older dog is more likely to feel tired and sleep in the daytime, while a dog with arthritis may tire from exercise even quicker because of their joint pain. Keeping exercise fun and varied for your dog can help them enjoy it, and the more they move, the more flexible their joints will stay. Wondering how to strengthen an old dog's hind legs? Try a canine swimming session for an extra comfortable way of getting your dog moving.

Your dog is still the heart of your home, even though it may not be as spritely as it used to be. It hurts to see them in unnecessary pain. Having a collection of dog arthritis home remedies and natural solutions to ease the inflammation and pain caused by dog arthritis will make you and your pooch feel so much brighter. To learn more about caring for your senior dog, get in touch today.