How to Create a Dog Play Room In Your Home

September 10, 2021 in Uncategorized

Parents understand the value of having a room dedicated as a play space for their children. But the same benefits can also apply to homes with a dog: When you create a dedicated dog play room, you can locate all of your dog's toys, belongings, and even treats to the same room in your home.

A dedicated play room simplifies indoor living for your dog, and can help de-clutter the rest of your home if you're constantly picking up after your pup. For dogs that require a lot of exercise and stimulation, a play room can also give them and their owners an easy space to play and burn off some energy without causing chaos throughout the house.

Whether you locate your dog room under stairs, in a spare bedroom, or even in a partially finished or unfinished basement space, here are some creative dog room decor ideas to help you furnish a play room that both you and your dog will love.

Create a Dog Play Room

Popular Indoor Dog Room Ideas

Struggling to figure out where to place your dog's play room, and how that room will coexist with the rest of your house? Here are some ideas that other dog-owners have found successful:

  • Convert unused space into a dog room. From walk-in closets to vacant garage space, the least disruptive dog play room is one that makes use of space you aren't regularly using. This saves you the trouble of rearranging other parts of your home.
  • Turn the mudroom into a space for your dog.. This can make it an ideal space for your dog.
  • Utilize your laundry room as a new hangout spot for your dog. Laundry rooms are sporadically used, and like mudrooms, they're also built to handle water leaks and other messes. Plus, if your dog's bedding, toys, or other belongings need to be washed, you don't have to track them through your home.
  • Add a co-worker to your home office. While this only works with dogs that can stay calm
  • when you're on the phone or in virtual meetings, a hybrid office/dog play space can give you and your dog a little more company during the day, adding a little brightness to your 9-to-5 routine.

Dog Room Flooring Ideas

Flooring can be a tricky decision to make with your dog. While a clean surface like linoleum, vinyl flooring, tile or engineered hardwood offer protection against scratches and potty accidents, some of these surfaces may also be too slippery for your dog—especially if your dog is aging, has a bad back, or struggles with mobility issues.

Carpet can be great for traction, but it's also a high risk for staining and smells. If you go with carpet, be prepared to invest in regular carpet cleanings to keep the space clean, and to extend the life of the carpet. Alternatively, you can add grippy foam flooring on top of hard, easy-to-clean surfaces. This combination of flooring surfaces may not look pretty, but it can give your dog the traction and stability they need to play, while also making it easy to clean up messes without worrying about permanent damage to the flooring.

Dog Toy Storage Ideas

Toy storage should be divided up into two categories for your dog: toys the dog can freely access on their own, and toys that need to be provided by a human.

For toys that your dog is free to play with at their own convenience, seek out low toy storage options that are open and easy for your dog to access. Open storage bins, buckets, or baskets are great options for collecting all your dog's toys in a single place. Your dog will know where to find their toys, and you'll be able to quickly gather up the mess your dog has made and return those toys to their appropriate storage locations.

For toys that your dog can only play with periodically, or under adult supervision, it's important to make sure toys are secured. This can consist of storage units that can be securely latched or locked, or closet doors that can be fully closed. High shelving may be an effective storage option for some dogs, but if your dog tends to jump, you'll need to be mindful of the risk that out-of-reach toys might provoke your dog into trying to grab them—and potentially making a mess in the process.

If you do install shelves in your dog's play room, make sure they're secured to a wall so your dog can't tip them over.

Dog Treat Storage Ideas

While some dog owners may prefer to keep treats in the kitchen with the rest of their food, others may prefer to keep treats with the rest of their dog's belongings. If this applies to you, it's most important to find a storage solution that keeps your dog from going hog-wild on these treats by themselves.