Home Dog Wash Station Ideas: Determining Which Room Is Best for You

August 02, 2021 in Uncategorized

Home dog washing station logistics might be an afterthought when you're adopting a new pet into your home but figuring out where and how you'll wash your beloved pup is an important step in facilitating easy, manageable bathing for you and your dog.

The best dog-washing setup can be determined by the size of your dog, the available space in your home, how often you need to wash your dog, and your willingness to put in the elbow grease to create an accommodating home dog wash station. Whether you opt for a tub in your bathroom or a custom washing station, here's a look at different dog wash station ideas you might consider, and the variables that might affect your choice.

welsh corgi pembroke dog showering in home dog wash station with shampoo
Funny portrait of a welsh corgi pembroke dog showering with shampoo. Dog taking a bubble bath in grooming salon.

Placing a Dog Bath in the Laundry Room

Laundry rooms are an ideal space for creating a custom dog bath space. They typically have the flooring to withstand water exposure, as well as easy access to water. While space is always a constraint to consider, many dog owners set up portable tubs or basins that can be fed water with a hose or faucet, and then connected to a drain or even poured out after the bath is finished.

If you decide to purchase a dog wash tub for your home, you can find portable plastic moldings for a relatively low cost. This wash station can be an appealing choice for any dog owner that needs access to a large washing space but wants to consolidate dirty clothes and dirty dogs into the same space.

Mudroom Dog Shower

If your home has a mudroom, a dog bath or shower can be an appealing feature. Portable wash stations can be set up in a mudroom to keep the mess in your home all in one place. As a likely entrance and exit for your dog, mudroom wash stations also offer convenience because you can pass through and clean up your dog before letting them inside.

In the same way you have your kids take off their shoes and hang their coats when coming home, a mudroom wash station can help you clean your dog's paws or give them a full bath before they track that mess through the house.

Putting a Dog Wash Station in the Garage

Does your dog spend most of its time outside? Is your dog large and prone to messes? Does your home's indoor space lack the facilities to accommodate a dedicated wash space? If so, a garage washing station might be the best option. You can keep messes out of your home while also building a wash space in a semi-finished indoor space that is protected from the weather but can also withstand water and soap on the floor.

The only risk of a garage-based wash station is the chance that extreme weather changes, including heat waves and cold fronts, will push the temperature in your garage to uncomfortable or even unsafe temps.

Pros and Cons of an Outdoor Dog Bath Station

If you're determined to avert messes from entering your home or your garage, you might consider an outdoor dog bath station. A simple basin or shower setup can give you an easy wash station when your dog is coming back inside after having some fun outdoors.

There are obvious benefits to setting up this station outside, starting with the simplicity of creating the space: with water access from a hose, you can build a low-cost wash station without having to worry about space constraints or water damage to surfaces that may complicate your washing efforts indoors.

But be aware of other complications that may arise from having an outdoor dog station: inclement weather can make it difficult or impossible to adequately clean your dog, and a dog freshly cleaned outside could charge straight back into your yard and make a mess all over again. One way to address some of these potential drawbacks is having both an indoor and an outdoor station for bathing your dog, but this may require too much work and space commitment for owners seeking a simpler solution.

Tips to Build Your Own DIY Dog Wash Station

Inspired to build a custom dog wash station that checks off all your boxes? Here are some tips to ensure your satisfaction with the finished product:

  • Purchase a basin or tub that can accommodate the size of your dog. While this seems obvious, a wash station that's too small will be useless. You might also consider purchasing a molded dog washing basin that features high walls to prevent your dog from jumping out.
  • Be mindful of the surfaces around the dog wash station. Wood floors might not be the best type of flooring if there's a risk of water getting kicked onto the floor. If your floors or walls are sensitive to water damage, consider laying down protecting floor and wall coverings to control the mess.
  • Choose a location that offers easy access. Think about the path your dog will have to take to that washing station. If you have a small dog that is easily carried, you may have more flexible location options than households with a large dog that is difficult to move through the house when dirty.
  • Consider your own ergonomics. The benefit of a dog-washing station is that you can make this chore easier on your body. Consider different tools and features that will give you more comfort, such as stepping stools, knee rests, flexible shower wands, shower caddies, and even the height of the basin itself.

While a dog washing station is an important necessity for many households, it can also be a fun project that adds a new feature to your home and lets your creativity run free. Whether you opt for a basic wash station or a custom-made space, make sure you and your dog will be comfortable with the result.