Five Reasons to Convince Your Workplace to Allow Pets

May 20, 2022 in Pets

Pet owners share a very special and unique bond with their fur babies, and it seems like you can take your dog with you just about anywhere these days. Whether you're shopping at Nordstrom, The Apple Store, or Home Depot or grabbing a bite to eat at The Blue Fish Restaurant and Oyster Bar, The Bearded Pig, or M Shack, dogs seem to be welcome at many places.

Despite the popularity of pet-friendly dining and retail establishments, there's still one location where pets aren't as welcome as many Americans wish they were: the workplace. As of 2019, only 11% of US companies allowed pets in the workplace. If you're among the 94% of Americans who believe pets in the workplace should be allowed, then keep reading. Below, we'll go over five reasons you should convince your workplace to allow pets that include the benefits of bringing Fido to work and some pets in the workplace statistics sure to win over your boss.

Pets in the Workplace Statistics

A study that was conducted by Mars Petcare's CESAR® brand in December 2021 found:

  • 89% of people feel it's important to continue spending time with their pets while working.
  • 58% said having dogs at work increases their happiness.
  • 57% said dogs at work reduce their general stress and anxiety.
  • 55% said having pets around encourages them to take more breaks (which is proven to increase their focus upon return).
  • 37% of Gen Z pet parents said they would take a pay cut or change jobs if it meant their pet could come to work with them.
  • 75% of people are worried about their anxiety increasing if they have to go back to work without their pet.
  • 78% of folks are worried about their pet's anxiety or confusion when they have to return to the office. (Pet parents are more concerned over their pet's anxiety than their own, and if that doesn't show just how important our animals are to us, we don't know what does!)

Five Benefits of Having Pets in the Workplace

So, do pets improve the workplace enough for you to make the case for your boss? They sure do. Here are five benefits of having pets in the workplace:

1) Pets in the Workplace Reduce Stress

As we mentioned above, most people feel less stressed when they get to bring their pets to work. Less stress supports overall happiness.

2) Pets in the Workplace Encourage Social Interactions

Allowing pets in the workplace encourages social interactions between employees. Whether it's taking your dog out for a lap around the office or co-workers stopping by your desk to say hello to your dog, when you have a pet at the office, you end up interacting with more people and fostering stronger work relationships.

3) Pets in the Workplace Make Your Company Stand Out

Some of the most popular US companies are allowing pets in the workplace, and it's impacting the expectations of employees who are actively searching for jobs. 52% of people prioritize companies that have pet-friendly policies. Letting pets come to work improves your company's image to its customers.

4) Allowing Pets in the Workplace Saves Employees Money

Pet sitters and doggie daycare add up. When employees can take their pets to work, they save tons of money on their pets, which increases their overall happiness with their jobs.

5) Pets in the Workplace Improve Performance

When people are allowed to bring their pets to work, their overall performance increases. There's less absenteeism, and they typically work longer hours. They're more dedicated to their work because they're not worried about rushing home to let their dog out or feed their cat dinner.

A Pets in the Workplace Sample Workplace Policy

Setting up your employees and their pets for success starts with a very clear and strong policy. A strong workplace policy should state that each pet owner is 100% responsible for their pets and any damage their pets may cause and that pets need to be potty trained, well behaved, and stay with their owner the entire day. The policy should also include areas where pets aren't allowed (like eating areas or a lab) and a clear course of action should any pet not be cut out for the ol' 9-to-5 life.

Pets are beloved members of our families and they do so much for us. If you want to bring your pet to work but your boss is on the fence about it, share this article with them and let them know just how beneficial pets are for the animals, their owners, and the company as a whole. For more information and to learn about keeping your furry coworker happy and healthy, contact us today!