Do Generic Flea Products Work?

February 11, 2020 in Uncategorized

As a pet owner, you're all too familiar with how much a flea infestation causes a variety of problems for your dog or cat. These blood-sucking parasites aren't just itchy; their bite leads to infections and severe illnesses as well. This can be a threat to your household without veterinary services in St. Johns, FL.

There are hundreds of flea growth inhibitors and repellents available. While they all require a prescription from a veterinary doctor, they can be substituted with medically recommended generic alternatives.

Some may question their effectivity because they're priced lower. But, both generic and brand-name products undergo rigorous testing to adhere to the strict regulations of the FDA. Before they're allowed to be sold, they must be legally cleared to meet medical safety standards. And, there are ways of checking if they do the job well.

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How to Tell If a Generic Anti-Flea Medication is Effective

Request Professional Advice First

There are two types of doctor-recommended pet medications: prescription (Rx) and veterinary feed directive (VFD). Both are strictly dispensed only when a licensed veterinarian requests their usage in writing. While some prescription medicines are highly specialized, this doesn't mean their generic counterparts are less effective. The latter are heavily screened to show bioequivalence, meaning, to work just as well as brand-name drugs.

Before deciding on a generic anti-flea medicine brand, ask your vet for recommendations first. A decent medical practitioner will suggest potentially effective options so you can proceed with the full treatment without straining your budget.

Read the Labels Thoroughly

Reading the package label carefully will only take a few minutes of your time. You'll notice that generic options often highlight the active ingredient more than the brand itself. But, the most important element to look for in these flea treatments is the official FDA seal of approval. It guarantees that the medications conform to industry standards, increasing the likelihood of addressing your pet's issues correctly.

If you're switching from an effective brand-name flea repellent to a more pocket-friendly alternative, compare their ingredient lists. Their components and measurements must be as close to each other as possible. This ensures that your furry friend will have the same response to their previous medicine and minimizes the risk of unwanted side effects.

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Handle Spot-On Treatments with Care

Although legally safe to use, spot-on flea products for dogs and cats need to be carefully administered. In the spring of 2009, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) observed an increase in reported adverse reactions to these drugs.

At first, the incidents were pinned on cheaper drugs, but this wasn't the case. Based on EPA's analysis, the topical ointments were misused, especially on cats, which have highly sensitive skin. Both brand-name and generic variants were found to be equally effective, except in this case, they were administered the wrong way. So, your off-brand flea salve will work as long as you follow the prescription instructions and precautions to the letter.

Your pets are part of your family. You may even regard them as your children and treat them to the best toys and the tastiest snacks. So, their health shouldn't come second to your priorities. When they get sick or suffer from infestations, it's vital to know about all available treatment options. This way, you'll make sure they recover promptly through reasonably priced yet effective solutions.

If your furry friend shows signs that they need medical assistance, bring them to a reliable vet. Look for the nearest animal hospital in St. Johns immediately. Call Forever Vets Animal Hospital to receive the best care your pet deserves.