Can You Use CareCredit for Grooming?

September 03, 2021 in Uncategorized

CareCredit was originally designed to provide financial support for individuals paying for their own healthcare needs. From standard medical care to dentistry, vision, hearing care and other services, CareCredit's financing and repayment options make it easier for consumers to afford their current healthcare needs without worrying about the up-front cost.

And, if you use CareCredit to pay for your own healthcare services and medical needs, you can increase the value of this healthcare credit card by also using it for select veterinary services. Some veterinary offices and pet retail companies now accept CareCredit as payment, allowing you to prioritize the well-being of your pets and take care of the cost of essential medical procedures and services later.

But many pet owners are unclear on what pet needs can and cannot be paid for with CareCredit, including your pet's grooming services. With that in mind, here's a pet-specific overview of how you can use CareCredit when paying your pet's bills.

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What Can You Purchase with CareCredit?

Medical costs and other care needs for your pet can add up quickly. Sometimes, the cost for this care can crop up out of nowhere—which can place a financial strain on pet owners, and even force them to choose between paying for their pets' needs or paying their other bills.

CareCredit can be used for several important veterinary services for your pet. From regular exams to dental cleanings to vaccinations, most—if not all—of the services offered by your local vet can potentially be covered by CareCredit, as long as that provider accepts CareCredit as payment.

While you may also be able to use CareCredit for pet supplies, the list of eligible supplies is limited to certain types of food and nutrition, and other medically necessary equipment. Toys, clothing, collars, and other pet gear typically are not eligible for payment via care credit. In some cases, supplies may only

be eligible to be covered by CareCredit if those items are prescribed or deemed medically necessary by your pet's healthcare provider.

If you have questions about what items are eligible, or if you want to see if your vet can help you get supplies covered by CareCredit, contact your local veterinary office.

Can You Use CareCredit for Grooming?

Since grooming is typically considered an essential healthcare service for pets, grooming services are typically accepted by CareCredit. However, you can only pay for grooming services using CareCredit at dog groomers that accept CareCredit. If you're interested in using CareCredit to cover this purchase, contact your pet groomer and ask them if they accept this form of payment. You may need to call around in your local area to find a local groomer that accepts CareCredit payments for grooming services.

Keep in mind, too, that CareCredit may not be eligible for certain grooming services, such as hair dyes and other beautifying services that don't support the health and well-being of your pet. You can also check with your local vet to see if they offer grooming services—either full grooming services or specific grooming care such as nail trims or glands expression—that can be performed in-house and paid for with CareCredit.

How to Find Vets Near Me That Take CareCredit

If your current vet doesn't accept CareCredit—or if you need to establish pet care with a local veterinarian—you can start your search by using the CareCredit locator tool. This tool lets you limit search results to animal pet care providers, making it easy to find a vet office where your preferred method of payment can be used.

In addition to finding a vet that accepts CareCredit, you may also need to find your local pet stores that accept CareCredit—especially if you have regular supplies needs, such as specialty dental food and nutritional supplements, that are covered by CareCredit but are not available at your local vet's office.

While the CareCredit locator tool can be very helpful in finding a local vet that accepts CareCredit, it might not be as up-to-date or comprehensive in helping you find local retailers that will accept this payment for eligible pet supplies. Ask your vet if they know of any retailers that will accept this payment and consider calling around to local businesses for the most up-to-date information.

If you've struggled to afford healthcare payments in the past, or you're faced with sudden medical expenses for your pet, CareCredit can be an invaluable resource that lets you balance your own financial realities against the urgent needs of your pet. Take advantage of this financial tool to cover any essential care expenses that will improve your pet's quality of life.