Best Hotels That Accept Dogs in 2021

August 18, 2021 in Uncategorized

Whenever you're traveling with dogs, finding a hotel is always a point of concern. Because some hotels don't even accept dogs, your options are already limited by your accommodation needs. On top of that, some hotels charge hefty fees that can push the price of a room beyond your budget.

As a dog owner, it's helpful to be familiar with the hotel brands that have a reputation for accepting dogs and offering an overall dog-friendly experience. Before you book your next trip, invest a little research into digging up hotel options that suit your dog as well as the humans in your travel party.

Cute Chihuahua near blue suitcase in room of hotels that accept dogs

How to Find Hotels That Accept Dogs

As you seek out the best pet-friendly hotels, one of the first places to turn is the online booking websites and apps that allow you to search for dog-friendly accommodations across a wide range of properties., Orbitz, and Expedia are a handful of booking apps that offer a massive inventory and make it easy to filter for dog-friendly properties.

Online guides for traveling with your dog can also be helpful. The American Kennel Club offers a free dog-friendly hotel guide to some of the most prominent chains in the United States. This guide, along with other resources, can be a helpful tool in discovering hotels that are a great fit for you and your dog.

You can also consult local residents in the areas where you're traveling or contact hotels directly if you're familiar with them and are hoping to stay at those properties during your travels. Since policies can change, you should always double-check with the hotels before making a reservation.

Are ESA Dogs Allowed in Hotels That Don't Accept Pets?

For individuals that travel with an emotional support animal, pet-friendly lodging is a necessity. While laws are in place to protect the presence of emotional support animals in residential dwelling units, those protections do not extend to hotels and motels.

This means that ESA dogs do not get special treatment at hotels with a no-dog/no-pet policy. If a hotel has a policy that prohibits dogs and/or pets in its rooms, this means your ESA dog is also not permitted to stay on the property. It's always worth asking the property if they make accommodations for emotional support animals, since some management may be more lenient with their policies, but be prepared for the property to say no.

Hotel Pet Fees: What to Expect

While a handful of major hotel chains don't charge fees for most pets, pet fees are common at most hotels. These fees can vary widely, with an average price between $25 and $90.

While hotel chains like Radisson charge a pet fee around $30 per night, brands such as Marriott may charge a rate around $90 for your dog. Many IHG hotels, which includes the Holiday Inn brand, charge $50 per night for most dogs.

Keep in mind that these rates are always subject to change, so you should double-check with each hotel prior to booking. Additionally, hotel brand policies may vary by location, so always check with specific hotel properties to make sure that location accepts pets, and to verify their fees and other pet policies.

Tips When Reading Your Hotel Pet Policy Agreement

The fine print is important when finding the right lodging for you and your pet. Here are some important hotel policies you'll want to check ahead of your stay:

  • Dog weight limits: While dog owners will find many hotels that allow large dogs, some hotels have weight limits for the dogs they're willing to host. This can also apply to the combined weight of multiple dogs: for example, a hotel might only allow you to bring two dogs if their combined weight is under 50 pounds.
  • Breed restrictions: Some hotels do not allow certain types of dog breeds on their property.
  • Deposit vs. fees: Make sure you understand how you're being charged. While many hotels charge a per-night fee for dogs and other pets, some hotels may charge a deposit to cover damage. At many hotels, this deposit is refundable, but some hotels may charge a nonrefundable deposit.
  • Leaving your pet alone in the room: Most hotels require dogs to be crated if you leave your hotel room. However, some do not allow pets to be unattended even when crated.
  • Dog-specific amenities: Does the hotel have dedicated spaces for bringing your dog out to the bathroom? What parts of the hotel property are off-limits? Find out the rules of the hotel before you unknowingly break them.

Best Pet-Friendly Hotel Chains in the USA

While the best hotel options for your dog will depend on where you're staying during your travels, some national chains have great reputations among dog owners. These include several options where pets stay free at hotels, including:

  • IHG Hotels. This includes the Holiday Inn chain and Kimpton Hotels. While most of these hotel properties accommodate dogs, a few them also do not charge fees.
  • Red Roof Inn. Most locations within this hotel chain will accommodate one dog up to 80 pounds, free of charge.
  • Marriott Hotels. Many hotels and sub-brands within the Marriott brand family will accommodate dogs, and smaller dogs may be welcome to stay without a fee.
  • Motel 6. Most Motel 6 locations allow two pets to stay at the property for free.

Minimize your stress when traveling with your dog. Do your hotel research ahead of time, and you'll put yourself in a position to have a worry-free trip while minimizing the fees spent on hotel stays for your pet.