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Meet Alanna Camp

Lead Vet Technician - Alanna Camp

I've had an interest in the medical field my whole life. I am currently in the Nursing program at school but have a great love for animals as well and will hopefully be a tech until I receive my RN. I have a pet-sitting business as well that I love, helping animals in anyway is so fulfilling! Being able to have animal and human medical knowledge is really great, and I continue to learn new things every day that have aided me in many ways. Every day that I get to learn more and help people and their fur babies means so much to me!


Currently at FSCJ for my AA but transferring to UNF for my BSN in the Spring.

Fun Fact

I was interested in singing/acting my whole life as well. I was in the Jacksonville choir and got to sing alongside some dancing with the stars performers and auditioned for many different wildlife shows/cartoons when I was a kid!


I have 2 domestic shorthair cats, Dill - 2 years old, and Pickle - 2 years old.

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