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Becca Todd

Becca T and family with dogs

Meet Becca Todd

I'm originally from Savannah, Ga. I came down to Florida because I feel like I was born to retire, and where do you do that? Florida. My favorite color is orange. I love pizza and tacos. On my off days. I love to sleep and hang out with my fiancee and our fur-babies. I got class clown in high school. That's about it.


Southeast Bulloch High School

Fun Fact

I make awesome pterodactyl noises.


Maryland - Dilute Calico (7)
Owen - Orange Tabby (5)
Arizona - Calico (1)
Alaska - Siamese (1)
Rascal - Tabby (9)
Milo - Tuxedo (1)
Indie - Calico (1)
Nevada - Pitbull (1)
Lola - American Bulldog (4)
Nugget - Corgi German Shepherd Mix (6)

Meet Becca Todd