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Animal Hospital at Race Track Road for Prompt Medical Care

Our animal hospital at Race Track Road in St Johns FL know your pets are part of your family, which makes them a part of our family. We treat each of our furry patients with compassion when providing comprehensive medical care. Our skilled, experienced veterinarians and staff will do whatever it takes to make sure your four-legged friend is happy and healthy.

Whether your furry friend needs prompt emergency care, hospitalization or routine veterinary care, our expert Race Track Road veterinarian and staff use the most advanced technology to ensure your pet’s well-being. Call us today to schedule your pet’s consultation – (904) 287-5625.  

animal hospital race track road st johns fl

Animal Hospital at Race Track Road in St Johns FL

A full-service animal hospital at Race Track Road provides complete care to pets of all ages:

Preventative and Routine Veterinary Care: Florida’s warm climate means fleas, heartworms, ticks and other parasites are a year-round problem. Come see us for your pet’s annual shots and vaccinations, wellness checks and grooming.

Surgery: Whether your furry family member needs emergency surgery, soft tissue surgery, orthopedic surgery or spay/neuter surgery, your pet is in great hands with Race Track Road Animal Hospital. We use precise standards and advanced technology for administering anesthesia, monitoring vital signs throughout surgery and caring for your pet after surgery.

Dentistry: Just like people, pets need dental care. From dental surgery to routine cleaning, our veterinarians and staff provide comprehensive dental services. Your pet will have clean, pain-free teeth.

Hospitalization: Sometimes, hospitalization is required to ensure our furry patients’ well-being. We ensure each pet is treated like a member of the family. All animals are monitored by capable, experienced veterinarians and technicians to make sure they get the care they need.

Diagnostic testing: Race Track Road Animal Hospital uses the latest in ultrasound, digital radiology and other noninvasive imagery to provide a quick, accurate diagnosis. The faster we can make an accurate diagnosis, the faster we can begin treating your pet for illness or injury.

Emergency pet care: We hope your pet never needs emergency veterinary care, but we also know the unexpected happens. Race Track Road Animal Hospital is here to provide the best emergency veterinary services in Fruit Cove FL. Even if you are not sure whether your pet needs emergency care, call us anyway, and we will help – (904) 287-5625.

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Animal Hospital Care at Race Track Road

Here’s a message from the AVMA that our animal hospital at Race Track Road community would like all pet owners to know:

“The most common pet diseases are entirely preventable. Unfortunately, preventable illnesses in pets have increased, with the American Veterinary Medical Association estimating that, since 2001, cat visits to an animal clinic have fallen 30 percent while dog visits to an animal clinic have dropped 21 percent.

Diabetes (the rate of diabetes in pets is increasing faster than in humans), dental disease and flea infestations can be prevented by taking your dog or cat to an animal clinic or hospital for periodic pet exams.  Your pets will be healthier, happier and live longer.”

Contact our Animal Hospital at Race Track Road in St Johns FL today (904) 287-5625!