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Kayanna Harper

Dr. Starr and family holding dogs on a beach

Meet Kayanna Harper

Kayanna graduated from Stetson University with a Bachelors of Art and a minor in entrepreneurship. She specializes in audio production, videography and photography as well as videography and photography editing. Kayanna is a true innovator that is always seeking to do something new and different, she loves creating things. She enjoys making custom digital paintings and making music. She joined the forever vets team because she instantly loved the purpose behind it, atmosphere and was excited to get pushed to new heights. Kayanna is excited to help increase the production of video content and to generate more ideas to entertain everyone.


Stetson University

Fun Fact

Kayanna is a woman of many talents!


Kaden is a five year old Jack Russell and Chihuahua mix. The new edition to the team is Koper, who is only 7 weeks and is the same breed as his older brother!
Meet Kayanna Harper