National Veterinary Technician Week

Celebrate National Veterinary Technician Week


National Veterinary Technician Week Forever Vets Animal Hospital Florida


October is a very special month for our veterinarian technicians! That’s because from October 14th-20th it is “National Veterinary Technician Week!” Veterinary technicians are critical to the day-to-day function of veterinary practices and play many vital roles in preserving animal health.  National Veterinary Technician Week provides an opportunity to recognize veterinary technician’s, and all of their wonderful contributions.


At Forever Vets Animal Hospital, our team values our veterinary technicians every day of the year, but we do want to take this week to honor their commitment to the compassionate, high-quality veterinary care for all of the animals that walk into the door at our hospital animals.


Oct 14 2018 - Oct 20 2018


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