National Immunization Awareness

national immunization awareness pet vaccinations forever vets animal hospital floridaNational Immunization Awareness Month is a reminder for humans to stay current with flu shots, infant, and adult vaccinations but, let’s not forget about pet vaccinations for our furry family members. According to the AVMA, ‘Vaccines are designed to trigger protective immune responses and prepare the immune system to fight future infections from disease-causing agents. Vaccines stimulate the immune system’s production of antibodies that identify and destroy disease-causing organisms that enter the body and provide immunity against several diseases that can lessen the severity or prevent certain diseases altogether.’

Make a commitment during National Immunization Awareness Month to update your pet’s vaccinations.


5 Reasons to Vaccinate Your Pet

  1. Illnesses can be prevented by pet vaccinations.
  2. Pet vaccinations can help avoid expensive treatments for preventable diseases.
  3. Vaccinations prevent diseases that can be passed from animal to animal and from animal to human.
  4. Diseases widespread in wildlife, like rabies and distemper, can infect pets that haven’t been vaccinated.
  5. Many areas, local or state require certain vaccinations of furry family members.

The widespread use of vaccinations has prevented disease and death in millions of pets. Pet vaccinations protect your four-legged friend from highly contagious and deadly diseases and improve your pet’s overall quality of life.

Talk to your veterinarian about your pet’s lifestyle.  Do you travel to other locations and does your pet have contact with other animals?   These factors will play an important role in what type of vaccinations your pet may require.  Since puppies & kittens require a series of shots, it’s important to stay current with your little one’s vaccinations.

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Aug 01 2018 - Aug 31 2018


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