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Observe Lyme Disease Prevention in Dogs Today!

lyme disease prevention jacksonville fl orlando fl forever vetsLyme disease in dogs is spread through tick bites and once in your pet’s blood stream, it is more likely to concentrate in the joints and carried to various parts of the body.  Although there are many species carrying Lyme disease, the most common is the Deer Tick. It can cause lameness and if left untreated, Lyme disease in dogs can cause neurological, kidney, and heart issues.  If a diseased tick from a dog bites a person, it can spread from animals to humans.

Ticks are always found around wooded, sandy, and grassy areas and can climb to tall blades of grass, trees, and leaves. They wait until your pet approaches to drop or crawl and then attaches to your pet.  When walking your pet, avoid areas where there is a high tick infestation especially during times when ticks are active during hot and humid weather.  Stop your furry friend from exposure to ticks by observing Lyme disease prevention in dogs month.

Tick Control- Lyme Disease Prevention in Dogs

Discuss your dog’s lifestyle with Forever Vets’ veterinarians, at a location near you, to assess whether a vaccination against Lyme disease is needed.  For pet parents, tick control is recommended for your furry friend as ticks carry numerous diseases other than Lyme disease.  If your dog is an outdoor pet or has no protection from ticks, make your appointment with us to discuss tick control.

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