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Independence Day

Independence Day Pet Tips

Keep Your Pets Safe This Independence Day

Independence Day celebrations are filled with family, friends and plenty of firework displays to honor our nation’s independence. This time of the year is also infamous for high numbers of runaway pets who panic due to fireworks. Before celebrating this July 4th, keep the following in mind to ensure the best holiday for both you and your furry friends:

Microchip your Pets! In the event your pet runs away or becomes lost with all the holiday festivities, it will increase the chance someone will be able to find and contact you.

ID Tags & Collars! Even if your pet has a microchip, having collars with all your up to date info is important. It’s much easier for someone that finds them to be able to contact you right away; reuniting you with your pet much sooner.

Should I keep my pet indoors?

Yes…Keep them indoors! If your pet becomes anxious or afraid and tries to hide, this will make it easier to find a safe place in your home.  If pets are outdoors, they can become spooked by the loud noises of fireworks and run away in a panic.  Being in a nice cool environment will help in preventing dehydration or heat stroke with the scorching temperatures.

Do Not Take Your Pet to a Fireworks Show!

Loud noises and crowds can be overwhelming and stressful for your pet.  Staying at home is familiar to them and even with noises on the outside, your furry friend may find some comfort in your closet or under the bed.  Most importantly, they are in their environment.  When you return from the fireworks show, just cuddle on the couch with your furry friends to decrease their anxiety.

Pet-Proof Your Home!

If you are hosting a celebration at home, make sure it’s pet-friendly.  Make sure hazardous items are out of your pets’ reach and remind guests not to give table scraps as treats.  Some foods may be harmful to your pet.

Have a Fun and Safe 4th of July!


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